Dry van or refrigerated, we will get you freight going. Whether you need an expedited service or more cost effective solution, our professional stuff will work to get you the best possible options.


Our expertise ranges from produce, freeze protect loads, fresh and frozen meat, and pharmaceuticals and medicine. During pandemic we’ve been playing a big role in delivering essentials to keep America running.


Our dry warehouse located is in Northwest side of Chicago, close to O’Hare airport and it’s available for your storage needs. We also offer short-term refrigerated storage. Please contact us for more info.

Who Are We

Thank you for choosing F2 Freight Group. We pride ourselves on excellent service, reliability, perpetual relationships, and dependability.If you are familiar with a F1 race car, you know they are intricately designed, high-performance, finely tuned machines. We are the same, except a bit slower and a lot safer. Here at F2; everything from our drivers,safety,managers,and equipment are held to the utmost standard to provide you the exceptional service that will guarantee to put your business in first place. Whether it’s dry or refrigerated, get your shipment delivered with a side of consistently measurable value.

Contact our team member today to get a quote and create a personalized transportation solution.

Why F2 Freight Group?

How Are We Different

Delivering consistently measurable value to our customers is a primary component of our business culture. This extends to our drivers, who are frequently assigned dedicated routes for our regular customers.

We become familiar with your procedures and knowledgeable about your processes and, most importantly, your particular way of doing business. All of this adds up to more timely, efficient service for you and your customers.

This is what a true partnership is all about.

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